The Energy Efficient Modernization of Galamb József Africultural Secondary School Using EEA Grants

Project identification: HU02-0003-A1-2013

Name of the Project: “Solar era in the Galamb József Agricultural Secondary School”

The overall budget of the project is 350 million HUF, out of which 192 381 160 HUF was financed by EEA Grants between 2009 to 2014, in the project construction titled Development of Energy Effi-cient Schools (HU-02-2013) within the framework of Energy Efficiency Program.

Aid intensity 85%

Objective: improving energy efficiency, attitude awareness raising, capacity development

The building complex to be renovated is owned by The Local Government of Makó, and maintained by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The main building of the school was built in 1928, with decorative features on the facade particular to that era.

The imposing building was placed under local protection by the Local Government of Makó.

Throughout the past decades no significant architectural renovation has been carried out, merely the structure of the roof was partly renewed.

An energetic modernization of the main building and the building in the school yard is to be accom-plished using the latest insulation materials, heating modernization, replacement of doors and win-dows, implementing a building and energy management system, and using renewable energy through the project supported by EEA Grants.

The school building will be connected to the geothermal district heating of the nearby local spa, and the use of renewable energy will contribute to a significant decrease of CO2 emission.

To supply the smaller building, an air-to-water heat pump will be installed, primarily for educational purposes to raise awareness, but also for reasons of efficiency.

For the same reason, along with the realization of modernization of lighting systems resulting in a decrease in energy consumption, to achieve an even more significant decrease, a 50 kW solar panel system will be installed.

With the total renovation a 919,32 MWh/year saving will be achieved. Due to the project, a 190,09 t/year decrease will be achieved in CO2 emission.

Throughout the project, various activities will take place to raise awareness of the target audience (teaches, students, parents) to propagate energy- intelligent consumption with the participation of over twenty thousand people.

The amount of the investment is approximately 350 million HUF gross, which is the result of overall cooperation:

The financial aid was provided by EEA Grants (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and the Ministry of National Development, the remaining own contributions were provided by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Local Government of Makó.

The contractor and its subcontractor winning the public procurement are all companies residing in Makó.